The Quandry of Marvels “Ant-Man”

Let us start with the bad, Edgar Wright spent years working on Marvel’s “Ant Man” and his work with the brilliant people at Marvel-Disney ended in a mutually agreed parting. Who knows what really happened. This news seemed troublesome when you factor in Edward Norton’s messy breakup years ago. Should we the comic book movie fan be concerned that the quality of Marvel’s “Ant-Man” will suffer?

No, we shouldn’t. Marvel has a fantastic track record for the last several years. Could they strike out with this film? Of course, but Kevin Fiege and crew stick to their vision of the Marvel Universe putting out the best comic book films possible and as of late they have put out some excellent movies. “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” was a brilliant spy film. “Guardians of the Galaxy” was hilarious, heartfelt, and simply amazing. We all should give Marvel a chance with this film.

The hit making engine keeps going with the hiring Peyton Reed (“Yes-Man/”The Breakup”) to helm “Ant-Man”. Filming started last week and the photo below was released showing a worse for wear Scott Lang (Paul Rudd). I for one after being thoroughly impressed with “Guardians of the Galaxy” cannot wait for this release of yet another Marvel motion picture.