COWABUNGA!!! “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” Movie Review

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, had all the fun of the original films and cartoons but had a major drawback the casting choice of the female lead that affected how the change in origin of the turtles came across to the audience. Megan Fox although hot as a grease fire does not come across well at all as a smart investigative journalist. Hell if you are going to go with a hot brunette Jennifer Connelly would be a much better choice and she has the caveat of being a good actress.

**SPOILERS** The origin change lacked good acting. April’s father worked in the Sachs lab with one of the main villains Eric Sacks. Somehow they made this ooze and April’s dad figures out the evil intentions of Eric and proceeds to burn down the lab all in the while getting himself killed for doing it. Young April saves these mutant turtles (plus Splinter) and places them on a sewer grate. Years later April is a down on her luck reporter and the turtles now teens are ready to fight crime and face the world above them. The two cross paths in the most Cowabunga of ways.

I don’t hate the new origin story I honestly think if you had a Jennifer Connelly in the April O’Neil role you could have had that emotional experience that was truly need to get these changes over with the audience. All in the while enjoying a great and natural feeling back and forth between Mrs. O’Neil and the Turtles. Lets all face it Megan Fox lacks much if any true acting skill.

Other than my various complaints the Turtles were amazing! Worth seeing on the big screen just for the awesome fight scenes and you won’t be disappointed with Shredder who kicks major ass.

This was for sure a popcorn flick (all fun, no thinking required) and for that I give it a 6.5 out of 10.